Comprehensive Eye Exams in Houston, TX

When you schedule an appointment with our Houston, TX eye doctor, you know you will be getting the most accurate eye exam possible. With our advanced technology and a highly experienced eye care team we look for early signs of ocular and neurological diseases and ailments.

As part of an eye exam, binocular vision is assessed to check eye coordination, muscle control and focusing ability. We examine in detail the interior structures of the eyes to detect disorders of the retina as well as some systemic diseases. Intraocular pressure is tested, which is an important risk factor in glaucoma and permanent vision loss. Even warning signs of high cholesterol and diabetes can be detected by looking inside the eye.

With many eye disorders and health conditions, early detection and treatment is key to treatment and preventing permanent vision loss.

Routine eye exams are an essential part of proactive health measures.

For contact lens wearers, our trained associates take extra care to evaluate and fit each patient with the best contact lenses for their needs. Our eye doctors many years of experience helping people select just the right lenses, factoring in lifestyle and intended frequency of use.


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