Clearpath Exam in Houston, TX

In our Houston, TX offices we work to be as thorough as possible.  That means we not only utilize tools and provide options for patients when testing but also legitimately care about our patients overall health.  In some cases there are tests and screenings that we can provide that not only test for eye diseases and ailments but also provide insight into the overall well being of our patient.  The Clearpath Exam is just one of the tools we have available.

A 6 second non-invasive eye test will tell you your risk for diabetes.

Screen At-Risk Patients:

  • Determines IGT status
  • Allows for prevention of diabetes before full onset
  • Avoid Complications

Early disease detection can reduce risk of complications

How It Works:

The Clearpath DS-120 is able to detect lens Auto Fluorescence. When an individual has uncontrolled glucose the DS-120 is able to detect these elevated levels of Auto Fluorescence.

This uncontrolled glucose is caused by Diabetes.


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